Welcome to our photo gallery, we hope you enjoy viewing some of the work we have completed.

For three years Christian and Marina worked to restore this building in Braunau Austria. It was built in the 1600s and so it needed major renovations including electrical work, plumbing and refinishing through out. Now the building boasts 4 apartments and a restaurant in the main floor. All of which are built to meet modern day expectations of convenience and comfort while preserving every last bit of historical charm.
Rosemarie wanted to renovate her bedroom to include a walk in closet. She had a blank slate. A big bare room. She also had a husband who wanted to get the job done as FAST as possible (which meant he was prone to making his own decisions during the construction process) and a carpenter who had is own ideas which were not necessarily in accordance with hers. So she hired Marina to draw her 2 simple plan options. She then chose the one she liked best and Marina supplied her with the drawings and dimension on paper. Having the plan on paper allowed Rosemarie to refer to it when her husband and carpenter asked questions or wanted to change things or when she was in doubt. For instance, during the building process someone thought that having the walk in closet as wide as it was was a waste of space and suggested to Rosemarie that she make it narrower. However, upon referring to the plans she realized that the closets width was specified to accommodate Rosemarie with a clothes hamper full of clothes, bending over, turning around etc. She insisted on its size and today she is very happy with the functionality of the closet and the beauty of the bedroom.
Beth Naylor House: A few minor renovations and redecorating projects bring this 100 year old charmer into the now! These simple room makeovers were done on a tiny budget and yet they make a big difference to the overall feel of the space.
Westbourne House: Bold colour choices give this old house some character!
Apartments: From an empty shell to a cozy functional apartment. Design done by Marina. Plumbing done by Christian.
Graphic Design: Sometimes a picture says a thousand words.
If you are trying to sell something, build something, get money from a lender, inspire someone etc. a picture might be all that you need.


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